How to have a unique wedding reception

While there is no denying that your wedding ceremony is more important and special than your reception, it’s the latter where you and your guests can really let your hair down.  Here’s how you can create a truly unique wedding reception.




Focus on the lighting

The lighting at the venue plays a major part in creating the environment that you want for your reception.  So make sure you use them to reflect your personalities or your mood or how you want the evening to go.  Our venue includes uplighting and our preferred DJ’s can absolutely add to it!

unique wedding reception

Get the seating arrangement right

It’s always wise to place your guests with people they know or share a rapport with.  You obviously don’t want them to forcibly make small talk with people they are not familiar with.  Let them catch up with their friends and have great conversations leading up to a great party, a fun evening, and a truly memorable and unique wedding reception.

Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise your guests with something unexpected.  Bring in some entertainment when they least expect it.  Get a band or a magician or any other entertainer you think your guests would enjoy watching.  You can perform a song with the band for the last dance with your spouse and make sure your guests have something to talk about on their way home!

Play music everyone can dance to

If you want to keep your guests on the dance floor, ensure that the playlist engages everyone. Now you may be a metal head but now is not the time to show off your head banging skills.  You can add a couple of your favorite tracks to the mix but don’t ignore the crowd favorites if you want your guests to enjoy the evening as much as you.

Don’t forget the kids

Make arrangements for entertaining the kids.  Designate a separate room for them where they can watch movies, play games and do other fun things.  Hire a babysitter to look after them.  Order a special treat that they would enjoy.  Not only would this keep the kids engaged but would also give their parents a chance to enjoy the occasion without worrying about their little ones.

Add a personal touch

Remember that your guests are here only for ‘you’.  They have come to celebrate ‘your’ special day.  So pay personal attention to the arrangements for the evening.  Make sure the décor is right, the lighting is ambient, the food is delicious, and that all things are in order.  Make your guests feel comfortable and let them know how much their presence means to you.

While there are a lot of other things to keep in mind when planning a reception, these tips would certainly go a long way in creating a truly unique wedding reception.

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