How to Choose the Right Date for your Wedding

Choosing your wedding date is the first and most important decision you make as you start planning for your big day.

Choose the Wedding Date

You may have already zeroed in on the band that you want for your wedding, or your favorite baker, but you really can’t plan for something unless you have finalized a date.  So how exactly do you pick a date that works for just above everyone?  Well, here’s how!

Calculate the Time Needed for Arrangements

You may wish to get married in the next six months, but you need to be sure if you can make all the necessary arrangements within that time.  A wedding venue with a preferred vendor list and in house catering is a great place to start to find the perfect baker, DJ, etc.  Also, calculate how long you’d take to raise the finances for the event.  Choose an approximate time period accordingly.

Ignoring Your Wedding Style

The choice of a wedding venue somewhat depends upon your wedding style.  If hastily booking a wedding venue, you might overlook whether the space blends with your wedding style or not.  A venue with classic architecture can adapt to most styles.

Factor in the Weather

Check what the weather predictions are for the approximate time period that you have zeroed in on, especially if you want any outdoor pictures.  Choosing a venue that is picturesque with a lot of indoor space will provide a great back up plan.  Choose a time period where you expect the weather to be pleasant (easier said than done in Wisconsin).

Check Availability

Finding your perfect and unique wedding venue that meets all your needs and demands requires a lot of time and effort.  Once you have decided upon it, check the dates that venue is available within the time period that you have determined.  Take this step as early as possible if your dream wedding venue happens to be a very popular one too.

Consult your Loved Ones

Inform your close friends and family about your prospective wedding date and your wedding venue.  Ask them what they think about it.  Inquire if they have any prior commitments on the date that you have set.  Ensure that all your loved ones can be present at the wedding venue on the biggest day of your life.

Pick a Special Date

Choose a date that occupies a place in your heart.  How special would it be to get hitched on the date you first met your partner!

There are 365 days in a year to get married.  So do not rush into making a decision.  Take your time and pick the perfect date for your dream wedding.

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