What do I need in a wedding venue?

Deciding on the right wedding venue has to be a mixture of the feeling (“this is it!”) and practicality.



What should I look for?

Deciding on the right wedding venue has to be a mixture of the feeling (“this is it!”) and practicality.  After all, that beautiful wedding venue isn’t “the one”—no matter how beautiful it is!—if it doesn’t check off the boxes on your wedding venue checklist.  After you’ve decided on your venue style and budget, use these factors to decide which wedding venue is right for your special day.


Don’t book a venue that has a smaller capacity than your guest list.  The comfort (and safety!) of your guests should be one of your foremost considerations when booking your wedding venue.  Ask your venue what the building capacity is, and make sure that your venue has adequate space so your guests are comfortable without feeling crammed in.  As you tour the venue, make sure that your venue has spaces perfect for mingling and dancing.


Every wedding has needs; the right wedding venue can meet your needs from the start of wedding planning until the end of your special day.  For wedding planning, look for a venue with event planning services that can assist you with coordinating wedding details.  For for your wedding day, ask your venue if they have a room for everyone in your wedding party to store their items and change (bridesmaids and groomsmen!).  For your wedding dinner, ask if the wedding venue has tables and chairs for your wedding reception.  For your budget’s sake, ask the venue what is included in their quoted price.   

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Photo Opportunities

The path to beautiful wedding photos starts long before you hire your wedding photographer.  As you tour your wedding venue, look for areas and architectural details at the venue that would make beautiful wedding photos.  Think of the key moments that you would love photos of, such as when you’re getting ready, your first dance, as you arrive at your wedding reception…the possibilities are endless!  

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Entertainment Suitability

Even if you haven’t decided on your wedding reception entertainment (DJ, band, etc.), make sure that whatever wedding entertainment option you choose can perform at the wedding venue.  Ask the venue if they have enough outlets for your entertainer and if bands, DJs, and other entertainers have performed there in the past.

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