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 8 Wedding Appetizers That Make a Statement

The cocktail hour is your chance to make a favorable impression with your guests.




Wedding Appetizers


When you meet someone, you form an opinion (sometimes almost instantly!).  The same can be said about your wedding cocktail hour; it’s your chance to make a favorable impression with your guests as they socialize and circulate.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of appetizers that make a statement, both in flavor and portability.

Wedding Appetizers That Make a Statement



There is no way skewers filled with the freshest garden fruits and vegetables—with or without your favorite chicken, pork, or beef—can’t make a statement. Just the sight of garden skewers can bring up visions of fresh fields and summer gardens, making it perfect for a summer wedding or a seasonal celebration.

Sweet Potato Cakes

These delectable sweet potato cakes check off a lot of boxes on any wedding menu; they are delectable, a wonderful comfort food, and a full sensory experience.  These appetizers prompt visions of a comfy evening in front of the campfire, a wonderful brunch, or a cozy meal.  If you are trying to plan a reception atmosphere that elicits any of those associations, talk to your caterer about adding these sweet appetizers to your menu.

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Seafood appetizers practically scream that your wedding is a special occasion.  Tequila shrimp with Lime & Cilantro, Shrimp Scampi, or Crab Wontons can also be an elegant part of a reception; ask your wedding caterer for other appetizer ideas that complement your theme and your tastes.


Bruschettas are perfect for a wedding cocktail hour; these scrumptious appetizers are full of fresh ingredients and flavor while being portable enough for your mingling guests.

Wedding Appetizers

Comfort Foods

Twice Baked Potatoes, Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup…just the mention of these comfort foods make your guests’ mouth water.  The over-the-top presentation makes these appealing comfort foods a temptation no one can resist during cocktail hour.

Your Favorite Mini Sandwiches

These appetizers score big in flavor with your wedding guests.  Choose a Lobster BLT for a delicious flavor or the over-the-top combination of a mini reuben with a Guinness shooter.  Mini sandwich combinations are a memorable appetizer, leaving your guests hungry for what’s next.

Wedding Appetizers


Start your guests off on a sweet note with these pastries filled with brie and your choice of fresh filling.  Give your guests a taste of what’s to come—and leave them anticipating the next dish on your wedding menu.

Sushi Rolls

If sushi is one of your ultimate favorites, consider including this savory appetizer to your wedding menu.

Wedding Appetizers

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