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5 Things that your Wedding Venue Must Have

The venue sets the tone for your wedding.  So before you pick yours just check if your preferred location has these 5 wedding venue must haves for all wedding venues.



Quality In-House and Outside Vendor Services

Some wedding venues provide vendor services (catering, decoration, alcohol, photographer/videographer, DJ etc.), so it’s more a question of quality than availability.  These vendor services are what make your wedding a unique and memorable event.  Any level of mediocrity in the provision or delivery of these services would sour the occasion.  You must confirm that all vendors have expertise and experience in their respective fields of specialization.

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Privacy and Security

Your wedding is a personal and private occasion that you celebrate with your friends and family.  So make sure it stays that way.  Ask if there is another ceremony booked for that day and would it encroach upon your time and space.  Confirm if you have exclusive access to the premises or not.  See if the venue has any security measures in place to deal with unwanted guests and gatecrashers.  Rest assured that Historic Courthouse 1893 only reserves one event per day.

Ceremony Space

Many couples choose to have their ceremony at the same location as the reception.  This allows for ceremonies to start a bit later in the afternoon.  Bridal parties and families love this, it helps reduce the stress of traveling to multiple locations, scheduling crack of dawn appointments for hair and makeup, and it is considerate of your guests who will also appreciate the reduced travel.  While most venues offer this service, not all have the space, amenities, and picturesque location to check all the boxes.  Check with your prospective wedding venues for beautiful private bridal rooms and dedicated rooms for the groomsmen.

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Easy Accessibility and Parking Options

This is an issue that you could easily miss as it is not an ‘attractive’ problem to solve compared to the other wedding-related issues that you would have.  The wedding venue should ideally be easily accessible for your guests.  Choosing a far-flung location would only increase their/your travel time.  Also ensure that there is handicap accessible drop offs, elevator, and ample parking near the venue.  Check into associated parking costs so you may inform your guests ahead of time.

Memorable Location

Where you choose to have your wedding will create an indelible memory for you and your guests.  Not only do you want to choose a location that is unique (and perhaps historic), but also one that can comfortably accomodate your guests, with size, location, and amenities.  Don’t overlook basic services such as ample restrooms, air conditioning, and plenty of bar and dancing space.

Choosing your wedding venue is one decision that you don’t want to get wrong.  Make your choice wisely!

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More Wisconsin Wedding Venue Must Haves
The venue sets the tone for your wedding. So before you pick yours just check if your preferred location has these 5 ‘must-haves’ for all wedding venues.
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