Choosing the Right Company Holiday Party Venue

The right event venue meets all the criteria needed for a festive (and well-attended) holiday party.



Holiday Party Venue

The right corporate holiday party venue is not always synonymous with company headquarters. The merry news is that there are many company holiday party venues in the Milwaukee area.  From that list, the right event venue meets all the criteria needed for a festive (and well-attended) holiday party.


Successful event planning start with a goal, and company holiday party planning is no exception.  Choose a holiday party goal, such as staff appreciation, team building, or a networking opportunity.  This decision also can play a role in narrowing down the style of the event venue, such as an elegant hall, sophisticated loft, or family-friendly site.

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Just like the real estate saying, “location, location, location” is one of the top criteria in the search for the right company holiday party venue.  Employees are more likely to attend an event that is conveniently located, both in terms of location and transportation.  To ensure a strong holiday party attendance, choose a holiday party venue that is equally accessible not just from your company headquarters, but the outlying suburbs where many employees compute from.

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The ideal company holiday party venue has the right capacity and spaces for the event.  For this reason, an estimated guest list is an important pre-requisite to the venue search. Determine whether the holiday party is an employees-only, employee and guest, or employee plus family event.  Once that decision is made, ask the venue whether they have ideal spaces needed for the event (i.e. meeting space, Santa pictures area, dinner facilities, etc.)

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Event amenities are an important criteria in the holiday party venue search.  Determine what is needed for the event (i.e. coat check, presentation equipment, tables, chairs, etc.) and what staffing is required for successful holiday party execution.  Ask venue staff for a full list of venue amenities, and what is included in the venue cost.

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If venue availability is an issue (especially when looking for an exclusive space for a large event), consider making the holiday party a post-holiday event.  There are clear benefits to a January or February holiday party.  This time is often considered “off peak” season which can lead to more venue availability and budget-friendly discounts.  A post-holiday event can still have a seasonal feel, such as a winter wonderland or international holiday theme event (or find inspiration for holiday party planning in this list of company holiday party themes).

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