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7 Tips for a Stunning Wedding Dinner

An amazing wedding dinner is actually the right combination of personality, presentation, and taste.




Wedding Dinner Tips

A search for wedding dinner ideas comes with an exhaustive list of possibilities.  However, when it comes down to it, an amazing wedding dinner is actually the right combination of personality, presentation, and taste.  Hit on the right blend for your big night by utilizing these tips as you plan your wedding reception dinner.

Wedding Appetizers That Make a Statement

Set the Stage

A striking wedding dinner comes with a striking back drop. Select your wedding venue carefully (use these tips for choosing the right venue for your big day); remember the right wedding venue establishes the atmosphere and formality of the reception. From there, use table linens (tap into these beautiful event photos for inspiration), centerpieces, and table décor to create a fantastic wedding atmosphere.

Make your Dinner Choices an Impressive Part of your Decor

To create a smooth and cohesive feel, incorporate your dinner service into your wedding décor.  Whether you choose a formal sit-down, a buffet, or a trendy food station service, consult with the venue and caterer to ensure that your wedding food choices are as much a part of the décor as the centerpieces.

Light it Up

The right lighting creates a statement.  If you’re not sold on the idea, picture it: uplighting that captures architectural details, lighted sculptures, beautiful glowing signs all add to the ambiance and highlights significant details.  Lights can also be used to draw your guests to the dinner service (in addition to the sensory experience of delectable dinners!) and create a feeling of anticipation.

Be Creative with your Choices

Today’s brides and grooms experience a freedom that past couples never have: the freedom to choose non-traditional dishes.  Don’t be afraid to break from the traditional mold and choose dishes that coordinate with the desired wedding atmosphere.

Impress your Guests with Presentation and Taste

Select your venue and caterer carefully; use online reviews, pictures and these questions to determine which local catering company and venue is best for your big day.  Reserve the venue then schedule a tasting to choose options with a presentation that amazes even the hardest-to-impress guest and backs it up with a memorable flavor (use this list of awesome main course options to inspire your wedding menu).

Have Fun with your Beverages

To create an encompassing atmosphere, don’t stop wedding menu planning with just the food.  Select a signature beverage for your big day or choose over-the-top beverages that fit with the desired atmosphere.  For a spring wedding, champagne served with fresh fruit makes a statement.  A coffee bar fully loaded with cream, sugar, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, chocolate Jimmies, and Chocolate Powder makes a warm statement at winter weddings (or a hot cocoa bar with all the toppings!).

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Select an Alternative Dessert

Non-cake desserts are more than just trendy; they are also an opportunity to make a wedding incredibly different.  An ice cream sundae bar or Italian Gelato is a memorable (and unique) way to cool down your wedding guests.  For an upscale feel, finish dinner with your favorite cheesecake or a pastry plate that’s sure to please even the pickiest guest.  If you really want to hit dessert out of the park, serve a Baked Orange Alaska (Florida Orange filled with French vanilla ice cream, topped with meringue and flamed with Brandy) that is sure to be the topic of conversation for the night and many years to come.

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